Dosover Scuba diving

Discover Scuba Diving is PADI program that allows those interested in scuba diving to experience what it's like to dive by completing some basic training and completing one or more dives under the close, direct supervision of a professional. The experience usually takes somewhere between a few hours and two days.

Contact Information:
Scuba Diving: 954 284 9500
Waterspots: 954 681 4441
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Fort Lauderdale - Florida 33334


How can I Try Scuba Diving for the Very First Time?

The time has come to discover a whole new world! Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater realm and experience a world of underwater adventure. Come and  try a dive today with our Discover Scuba Diving programme. Welcome to the Blue Planet

What will my Discover Scuba Dive Include?   

Our PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)Discover Scuba Diving programme is a half-day (one dive) or full-day (two dives) offering people the opportunity to experience scuba diving before committing to a full certification course.  he programme begins with a brief classroom session where your instructor will explain basic  diving principles and techniques. Step two is a skill practice session in shallow water.
Your PADI Instructor will teach you basic diving skills including how to clear water from a mask, how to recover a regulator, how to ascend from a dive and how to communicate underwater using hand signals. Finally, you will move out into slightly deeper water with your PADI Instructor where you will experience a real open water dive.

What Age Do I need to Be?

We welcomes anyone from the age of 11 years and above for scuba diving. There is no upper age limit. If you have a child younger than 11 years, we are happy to undertake our Discover Snorkeling programme with them.


How much does Discover Scuba Diving Cost?

A full day Discover Scuba Diving; includes two Instructor Led dives with full gear rental; costs US$240. A half day Discover Scuba Diving; includes one Instructor Led Dive with full gear rental; costs US$125. P/P

You will always be accompanied by a professional diving instructor or a dive Master certified by PADI.

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